IB ITGS HL & SL @ ISB with Mr. Galvez

This Wiki will allow you to collaborate, share information and research, and have discussions with each other about all elements of the course when you are not physically together inside the classroom. How the overall usage of the space will evolve will depend on the creative ideas of both the students and teacher. Remember, that as a member you have the ability to edit, add to, and change any page. Just be sure your additions/changes are appropriate to the course and the content dictated in the syllabus. Please don't delete anything without checking with the teacher or original contributer first unless there is a blatant error.

Lastly, it is hoped that the Wiki will become an excellent revision resource for you when you study for class exams and the May 2010 IB Exam.

ITGS COURSE CALENDAR 2008 - 2010- This is a skeletal outline of what we'll be doing over the 2 year evolution of the course. Order and activities are subject to change. (this is for current grade 12's)

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Daily Course Calendar

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Locations of visitors to this page
- (Video 1) Did You Know 4.0
- (Video 2) Computer History/Humor with John Cleese (of Monty Python fame)

- (Video 3) Shift Happens: An eye opening video about the impacts of globalization and IT.